Choosing the optimal location is crucial for a successful project, so it is recommended that we be involved in this process. Each location is unique and must go through a process of evaluating its physical and social characteristics, with the aim of developing a solution that will address and improve the internal and external context of the location.

The list below represents some of the key areas to explore;

General – geographical location, plot boundary, entrance locations, city security, etc.

Adjacent buildings – distances, use, noise level, …

Legal restrictions – natural protected areas, cultural heritage, route priority,...

Access – public routes, emergency vehicle access, existing routes within the location,...

Typography – different levels, key features, restrictions,…

Path of the Sun – location in relation to the direction of the sky, shading

At Wallnut skateparks, we believe that every project has a unique story that can be presented through proven skatepark architecture in a cost-effective way that meets the needs and scale of the community in which we build.

The concept is developed together with users / customers from three key areas;
Location – orientation, access, context, history, use, …
Design plan – customer and user requirements, budget, ...
Skate park typology – type of skate park, other program, use

Skejt park Postojna

The goal of the 3D model is to make a representation of the potential project. The model helps to plan each step and determine the feasibility of various decisions. The creation of a 3D model begins with the initial design and changes and adapts as the project progresses. With the 3D model and visualization, the client / future users get a complete insight into the current / finished project, so that they can give the necessary opinions and recommendations. Additionally, these drawings allow skate park builders to spot potential errors before the construction process begins, especially in the case of larger subcontractors.

Key advantages of 3D skate park models;
Project visualization – enables a better understanding of the scope of the project
Sale of the project - fundraising for the implementation of the skate park
Improving project speed – helps builders save time in the construction process
Accuracy and control – full control and precision prevent errors