Our longtime activities in the skateboarding community and active participation on the non-profit and globally recognized Slovenian skatepark projects brought us into close collaboration with foreign companies. 

We cooperate with companies from the most advanced countries regarding the skateboarding infrastructure. Yearly, we enhance our experience and knowledge of sophisticated and up-to-date skatepark construction. We work with the architect Domen Stražar, who has already successfully finished more than 50 projects in Scandinavia and Croatia. 

Our team members have been a part of the Slovenian skateboarding scene for many years. Therefore, we know exactly what it takes to build a quality skatepark that will offer everything necessary for safe training for beginners, long-term interest and progress, while offering challenges even to the most experienced users. 


Our vision is to provide local communities with sports facilities that will enable the long-term development of recreational and competitive modern sports.